At OPP HQ we have been thinking about the enormous amount of value and enrichment older people bring to any community. Everyone has 168 hours a week to spend and I can tell you that none of our members are still for very long!

We have Billy Bones and Rosie Rainbow from the Black Pearl Pirates causing havoc on New Brighton beach and dazzling everyone with the huge bubbles, we have a very busy member making our voice heard with local and central government whilst also working hard with people with disabilities, our lovely Sandra is a whizz at the weekly luncheon club ferrying people around and helping out with the serving, we have our very own radio star bringing joy and music to the people of Wirral on vintage radio not to mention all the meetings, coffee mornings and baking that goes on. The listing is endless but the point to this blog is to get people thinking what they can offer to their community, the media like to paint a certain picture of older peole needing social care and draining resources but i would suggest that the third sector might just grind to a halt with out them!

So I encourage you to make a list, check it twice and then get out there and join in with whatever you fancy, your community will love you for it!