How do you occupy your time now you have retired? Sit around watching repeat TV programmes all day? No don’t do that folks enjoy your retirement and give your time to the community,  either as a volunteer in the many charities that need help or as an alternative have fun by doing crazy things.  My wife Rose and I create giant bubbles on the New Brighton prom or at other functions when requested.  To see the joy and wonder in not only the children’s faces, but adults too is a reward for our efforts. We mostly create the bubbles near the Black Pearl and with the assistance of the pirates.  Rose and I are also members of the pirate crew and have great fun dressing up and acting the part with a great bunch of fellow pirates. The Black Pearl and the pirates are now the biggest tourist attraction in New Brighton and draw visitors from near and far. Along with the many visitors the pirates entertain, there is a group we love to welcome every year they are the Chernobyl children. To see their reaction on their visit to the Black Pearl and meeting the pirates is a joy to behold and worth every minute we dedicate to them.

Carl Leckey MBE